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Sprint Brand Retirement Transcript

Jul 24, 2020


Hey wassup. This is Jahmal Abbott. Thanks for tuning in. I want to talk to you today about Sprint and T-Mobile. And that name that you just heard leading off first with Sprint, that's going to go away.


Sprint Brand Retirement Details

So starting on August 2, the Sprint brand as we know it will be going away completely. So that's right. The Sprint brand name is going away completely as T-Mobile will be switching over to representing T-Mobile with no more Sprint.

So what does that mean if you're currently a Sprint customer?

Well, that yellow logo, that name that you become familiar with the the website that you've been going to to get your Sprint service updates and things of that nature that is going away completely, and it's going to be under one unified brand under T-Mobile.

So on August 2, that's when T-Mobile will be turning Sprint stores into T-Mobile stores. They'll also be revamping some things with some pricing, and as well as introducing more of that T-Mobile flavor that you're used to seeing nationwide with the commercials and the with the social media updates, but the Sprint brand as you know it is going bye completely.

And just what we talked about in previous episodes, your service, as you know it, what isn't going to be cut off.

  • Your phone is not going to go away.


  • You're not gonna be required to get a new phone just because of the Sprint brand going away.


  • But just understand there's going to be a transition period where some of the older legacy Sprint plans will be replaced with whatever T-Mobile is going to be offering in the future.

And coverage wise, with being a T-Mobile customer and a Sprint customer, with those two networks combined together, you actually get a better footprint, better coverage and as a result, better reliability because of the fact that you're using both of those networks.

So changes coming with Sprint, you don't have to worry about your plan not working, you don't have to worry about the prices going up because T-Mobile has committed to not changing prices for current customers at least for the first couple years.

But just know that Sprint name, the website that you're used to going to all that stuff is going away completely as it transitions over to T-Mobile.

So more to come as we watch this and see how this transpires but just know that Sprint is going away and T-Mobile is here to stay as a stronger brand that we're all going to get used to and accustomed to from here on out. So August 2 is the date.


Closing Remarks

If any questions or concerns let me know hit me up. is the email or you can hit me up at Go to the section for contact and then shoot me a question there. Leave me a comment. Let me know what you think. You can also hit me up on social media @JahmalAbbott. And thanks for tuning in. And I'll talk to you soon.