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Welcome to the show!


This is the place to learn about technology in a language that's understandable. I'll cover other topics of interest which includes business, communication, and personal development.


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Show description


The Jahmal Abbott Show explores the effects of technology and business on the lives of people. Topics range from subjects like cloud and mobile technologies to inspiring leadership stories of entrepreneurs chasing their dreams. Everything here is broken down "in plain English" for your listening pleasure.


About Jahmal Abbott


As the founder of Digital Link, a Technology Management firm, my purpose is dedicated to delivering technology to change lives and connect people to their world.


You'll see this in the form of education, recorded live events and commentary covering the current state and transformation of technology. I also mix in speeches from my public speaking journey


Since the age of 7, I've been breaking down technical topics to a non technical audience. This has lead to a 20+ year tech career including service in the US Air Force and contract support to various government agencies.


My passion these days is to deliver easy to understand tech resources to business operators and owners.