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8x8 Work MMS Support

Nov 10, 2020


I've really enjoyed the ability to send and receive text messages from one work number.


What held me back from fully embracing my 8x8 number was the lack of MMS support. 


What's MMS? You know, it's the ability to attach pictures to text messages.


There's no doubt in anyone's mind that we're a message first society.


Messaging comes in the form of pictures, gif's, short video, etc. Sometimes a simple picture says a lot about what needs to be communicated.


That's why I was excited to read that MMS support is now available for using 8x8 Work.



Instead of using separate numbers for sending / receiving pictures, a single number can be used.


Simple right?


What's also great is your messages appearing on your desktop and mobile app.


8x8 Work desktop (left) and mobile app (right) screenshot.


The promise of Unified Communications is being realized with cloud based platforms like 8x8.


Visit this link which talks more about attaching pictures and other documents using text messaging: What's new in 8x8 Work version 7.2