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Aug 30, 2020

Can we just admit here that T-Mobile is on a serious mission?! The company became the first provider in the world to launch a standalone 5G network and grew as to the second largest mobile provider in the US. This episode looks further into the money moves made.

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Cloud Telephony Review

Aug 28, 2020

Question: What is your review of Cloud Telephony?
Cloud Communications
Answer: For someone who’s worked with various telephony solutions, cloud telephony (also known as UCaaS ) was one tech advancement that really intrigued me.
At a high level, cloud telephony enables an organization to leverage telephony applications...

Virtual Office is Changing to 8x8 Work

Aug 12, 2020


Where we do work has changed drastically. Because of this, 8x8 is re-branding Virtual Office to 8x8 Work.


This video discusses the upcoming changes for the 8x8 Work app and how this affects current and future 8x8 subscribers.


True Cost of Cloud Communication Platforms

Aug 7, 2020

Question: What is the true cost of cloud telephony platforms?
Answer: It’s a lot cheaper than legacy telephony systems.
One of the biggest differences is when cost are incurred.
An organization used to pay large sums of money upfront for the equipment, licenses,...